Praise and Posts

So, what are people saying about the Conference?

Testimonials from our first website,

"The conference was great. It gets better every year. I've seen great growth over the years, not only in numbers but also in content. Thanks."

"This was my first workshop, so I sincerely benefited from each session in different ways. The presenters overall were wonderful."

"Thank you for making this for beginners, too. It was not intimidating at all."

"The speakers were knowledgeable, funny, and intimate. I have been so blessed by this conference and can't think of anything I would change." 

From Shelly Beach, Cedar Falls Christian Writers’ Workshop | Sandscribblings ( 

She has several posts here about the Workshop, encouraging people to register for one, and reporting on the overall results in another.

From Cherie Dargan, Ten take-aways from the Writers’ Workshop about the 2019 CWW.

Andy Lee’s website, with links to YouTube.  “Join Twitter, then get the Periscope app on your smart phone, and you can watch my live broadcast every morning at 8:20 ET.”